87 trainers to train 6,000 retail medicine dispensers

A critical part of accreditation is training dispensers, so they can bring their pharmaceutical services up to DGDA standards. The training includes 14 sessions that cover the Bangladesh health system, role of a pharmacist, dispensing, proper recordkeeping, rules and regulations of medicines, communication skills, etc. The training helps dispensers improve their outlets and practice at a standard level. Normally, the training is face-to-face, but due to COVID-19, training is provided on an online platform.

On 9 June 2021 and 13 June 2021, BHB oriented 87 trainers online who will train the dispensers from the eligible retail medicine outlets. BHB recruited the trainers from DGDA, the Pharmacy Council of Bangladesh, the Department of Pharmacy of University Dhaka, and also recruited other academics, medical doctors, and graduate pharmacists. Of the 87 participants, 26% were female. These new trainers are expected to train an estimated 6,000 dispensers who will be pharmacy technicians, diploma pharmacists, and graduate pharmacists.