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BHB’s eLearning platform course completion surges

The BHB eLearning platform course completion rate surged in the first four months of 2024. Developed in-house and launched in November 2021, and by 30 April 2024, 2,363 participants completed 24,729 courses (10.5 courses per participant on average); of which 1,737 participants competed 21,927 (89% of courses; 12.6 courses per participant) from January to April 2024. It was a leap from previous years as the course completion was only 88 in 2021 (Nov-Dec), 341 in 2022 (Jan-Dec), and 2,373 in 2023 (Jan-Dec). BHB developed the eLearning platform as an experimental project to help the medicine dispensers of Bangladesh continue their professional education. There are currently 33 courses in the eLearning platform, and each course includes questions and quizzes with an automatic grading system. Successful participants receive completion certificates in pdf format.

Proud participants show their eLearning course completion certificates

After slow enrolment progress, BHB used its recent GPP training course to promote the eLearning platform, which created huge interest among the medicine dispensers and the enrolment and course completion rates rose sharply. Pharmacy professionals find the eLearning platform a convenient, easy, and flexible platform for learning because they can learn at their own pace, anytime and anywhere, using devices ranging from computers to smartphones.