BHB Newsletter

Third round of model medicine shops accreditation program begins

BHB began supporting the DGDA’s retail medicine shop accreditation program in 2019, when the first round of 2,193 medicine shops was accredited. The second round was in 2021-2022, when 4,542 medicine shops were accredited. The third accreditation round, targeting 3,500 medicine shops, will take place in 2023-2024. BHB collaborates with local DGDA officials, leaders of medicine shop owners’ association and PCB to conduct the accreditation program on DGDA’s behalf. The program has a rigorous five-step process starting with pre-assessing retail medicine outlets and culminating in DGDA’s inspection visit to determine accreditation eligibility.

To meet the 3,500 targets, BHB will pre-assess 3,000 new medicine shops and include 1,000 or more previously assessed medicine shops that are further along in the accreditation process. To conduct the pre-assessment, BHB recruited a team of 10 aaccreditation aassociates who received in-person training on February 15. BHB’s Country Project Director, Professor Dr Abul Kalam Azad, opened the training, and amongst others, Md. Eyahya, Director, DGDA served as a resource person.