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User-preference of BHB’s Pharmacy Management Software

BHB’s PMS is gradually gaining a user base. As of April 2024, PMS reached 1,092 active users. The software has Android and web versions. Recent usage patterns show that 62% of the active users use the Android version and 38% use the web version, indicating a preference for the mobile version of PMS. Given the context of Bangladeshi medicine shops’ infrastructure and IT resources and Internet bandwidth limitations and rapid expansion of the use of smartphones, further popularity of the Android version is expected in the future; therefore, BHB will focus more on improving the Android version interface.

The PMS allows medicine sales volume tracking, Access, Watch, Reserve (AWaRe) analysis, expiry medicine management, stock checking, etc. BHB regularly gathers user feedback and incorporates it into software updates. Users have telephone support, tutorial videos, user manuals, etc. as resources for the PMS.