Impressive progress on DGME’s digitalization

BHB is supporting the Directorate General of Medical Education (DGME) to digitalize all its functions. A consulting firm added three new modules: medical education facility registry, central admission management system, and foreign student admission processing.

Medical education facility registry: Built to manage data from public and private medical education institutions and centers, this electronic registry stores data on 160 key attributes for every institution in the country. The system will enable DGME to evaluate institutional performance as well as send out automatic reminders.

Central admission management system: This system includes registration data for all past medical college examinations (143,915 students) and complete data of examination results (4,895 students) and admissions of the last academic year. The system will ensure transparency in the examination and admission process. Each student will have a unique identification number to track student records.

Foreign student admission processing: Shortly after the system launch, prospective students from many countries had submitted 3,708 online applications for undergraduate medical education in Bangladesh. Foreign students can easily apply without depending on middlemen, and the applicants can contact the DGME support team in a transparent manner.